The Virtual Conference To Help You Transform Retail

The Virtual Conference To Help You Transform Retail


Learn from industry experts

Connect with like-minded people

Get inspired to drive change

We’re in uncharted waters. Retail and consumer facing businesses are facing challenges like never before. Even before Covid-19, many retailers were already in adverse positions and needed to transform their business and their operating model. But the pandemic has pressurised the situation and is forcing many onto a burning platform:

Transform or decline.

Now or never.

Yet, this is a time of huge opportunity. Right now, we have the chance to forge a better future. But only if we intentionally transform. We must decide to change. To do this, we must combine the latest intel and with expert instinct and design the future. 

We must act.

We must transform.

What you get

Attend Retail Transformation Live on 9th July and you will get:



Hear latest insight and intel about the future of retail.


Learn about the latest innovations affecting shopping.


Feel confident in the future and how to get there.



Connect with others who are on the same mission.


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9th July 2020, 9am to 5pm (BST / UK time)

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Wow, what a great session! Having this event at such an uncertain time was so helpful. Loved the technology used and how easy this made it to attend sessions.
The host was engaging and fun through a very busy day. Seeing the retail world pull together to share information and ideas was inspiring

Mary Walker

Retail Transformation Live was an amazing event, organised at very short notice and with real skill and passion by Oliver Banks. It was a really useful exchange of views between some great speakers and a large, involved, interactive audience.

Ian Shepherd


“”Retail Transformation Live will feature world class speakers and tackle the biggest topics you need to think about.

Our theme for the event will be:


Helping you look past coronavirus and getting your retail business and operation fit for the challenges that lie ahead.

Retail Transformation Live will feature world class speakers and tackle the biggest topics you need to think about. Look out for announcements with the speakers and agenda coming very soon.


Martin Newman

Martin Newman

The Consumer Champion

As the Consumer Champion and founder of Customer Service Action, Martin is a force for positive change for both consumers and brands.

Opening Keynote

Our closing keynote speaker will be announced very shortly. They’ll transform how you look at retail and transformation!

Pat Kelly

Pat Kelly

The Ironman of Retail

Pat is a veteran of over 40 years in the retail industry who has led incredible turnaround successes with a number of blue chip retailers around the world.

Carl Boutet

Carl Boutet

Chief Retail Strategist

Carl is a retail strategist, board advisor and founder of Studio Rx. With over 25 years of retail experience, he advises both retailers and tech companies – blending his practical experience with his commercial acumen and strategic outlook.

Karen Bendell

Karen Bendell

Retail CEO

Karen is an experienced CEO and turnaround director of omni channel luxury and premium brands who need to change to grow or survive. She’s customer focused and data driven.

Hi, I’m Oliver Banks,

Founder & Host of Retail Transformation Live

There are massive changes in the retail industry and many retailers haven’t been able to adapt their operating model quickly enough. With fierce competition, it’s essential to transform quickly and effectively. But, without the key skills, it’s easy to make mistakes, wasting time and money.

I help retail businesses to transform their operating model so they stay competitive.

I can’t wait to welcome you.

About Oliver Banks

Oliver Banks is a retail transformation consultant, coach and advisor. Based in the UK, and as the founder of retail transformation consultancy, OB&Co, Oliver helps retailers to effectively manage their critical transformation programmes and build better operating models for the future.

Previously, he was an internal consultant at Tesco and originates from a problem solving engineering background.

He hosts a weekly podcast, the Retail Transformation Show. 

Retail Transformation Live is a trading name of OB&Co Ltd.


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